Understanding a Covered Metre vs an Installed Metre

When supplying products that have irregular random shapes such as stone wall cladding and crazy paving there is a disparity between what is supplied and what is installed.

When purchasing irregular shaped product it is sold as a covered metre, which means enough product to cover 1 metre. See picture below. Haus Collective has no other way of supplying these types of product and we do not know how the product is ultimately going to be laid.

Generally, we specify that between 15 to 20% wastage on top of your raw measurement will cover the gaps in the covered metre and the wastage that occurs during installation, such as cuts around windows, doors and posts etc.

As an example if you ordered 10 mtrs (covered) of stone wall cladding then it is advisable to order an extra 2 mtrs (20%) to cover wastage and gapping.

This of course is not an exact science, sometimes you will need more than 20% or less than 20%. It really depends on the style of lay, the area being laid and the stonemason’s style.

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