Montrose on Massey – Smout Properties

Montrose on Massey

Label by online real estate website Domain as “Australia’s Most Insta-Worthy Home of 2022” this prestige property in Ascot Brisbane caused quite a stir in real estate circles.

Montrose on Massey achieved a record-breaking sales result in just 10 days on the market. Featured in over 15 digital and print outlets and recognised in the short-list of the most beautiful homes in Australia, this project saw media exposure worldwide and you can see why!!!

Haus Collective has been a part of many of Smout Properties projects and have seen them rise to excellence as a premier prestige property developer and an influential tastemaker in the Brisbane property market.

We love working with Smout Properties as every project is different and just as equally stunning.


Smout Properties –


Archstone Masonry –


Alyne Media, Sunbox Studios, Brock Beazley

Haus Collective Products

Inaminka Stone Wall Cladding – Exterior and Fireplace

Heat & Glo SLRX Linear Gas Fireplace

Ivory Vein Cut Travertine – Bathrooms

20mm Classic Linen Crazy Paving – Outdoor Entertaining.

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