Amantii 40 TruView XT-XL Electric Fireplace


I am the Amantii 40″ or 100cm Tru View Slim 3 x Sided Electric Fireplace. I am only 8cm Deep making me one of the thinest Electric Fireplaces on the Market. You will find a perfect space for me, be it a Bedroom, Loungeroom or even an outdoor area, and I am especially well suited for any commercial space.

I can be seen from 3 sides or be used as a corner fireplace aswell.

I come standard with the Amantii Fire & Ice Flame Presentation with multiple colour flame options.


My Key Features are

  • Indoor Or Outdoor Use
  • 2 Stage Heater
  • Can heat up to 47sqm
  • Flame Operates with Heat or without
  • Remote Control
  • 2 Flame Options
  • Ambient Canopy Lighting with 13 Colours


Amantii Tech Card 30 TRD CLICK HERE


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