Chalton & Jenrick iRange 750 Ecoflame Electric Fireplace


With a wide range of sizes, the iRange Deep range has a fire that will suit your home. These fires can be installed showing one, two, or three sides of glass enabling you to create your dream fireplace.

Exclusive to the iRange Deep range are the three flame colour options- warm amber, white and a stunning combination of both colours which allow you to personalise the flame effect to the situation and mood.

The i750E is a very popular sized fire that looks stunning when accompanied with a mantelpiece.

Flexible construction techniques allow the fire to be installed in an existing chimney breast or as part of a new fireplace chimney feature.

One, two or three aspect fire windows can be chosen to suit at the time of installation. Designed to be superbly versatile, imagination need no longer be limited by two dimensions.

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