Cheminee Chazelles Designer D1200 Wood Fireplace


D1200 Wood Burning Fireplace – Australia’s largest most efficient wood burning Fireplace!!

The D1200 fireplace from Chazelles is an impressive modern design created with the latest manufacturing technology and will appeal to the modern home owner. The fireplace features simple, clean and uninterrupted lines of the design. This fireplace design is enhanced by the use of a clever removable handle, removable ash extractor that makes cleaning your fireplace a matter of ease.

All these features further amplify the simplicity of the D1200 design. The D1200 features Chazelles unique Dual Opening Door System that allows you to enjoy the ambience of an open fire, or by sliding the door down, the firebox immediately reverts to a safe and efficient, slow combustion wood fire.

In addition, the D1200 wood fireplace has four connectors. This enable the fireplace to be connected to the Hot Air Ducting System so you can transfer warm air into every corner of every room in your home. Plus the D1200 wood fireplace has a large range of surround designs so you can integrate your wood fireplace into the design of your home’s interior.

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