Cheminee ChazellesTQH43 Wood Burning Fireplace


I am the Chazelles TQH43 freestanding Wood Firepalce. I offer high performance and unique technology which gives this fireplace an efficiency rating as high as 64%. This means you get more energy out of the fuel you burn with less heat loss up the flue and reduced ash residue.

I offer the combined pleasure of simple operation plus exceptional energy efficiency, you can simply reach out, press the button, and the flames inside my firebox will obey your commands, It can be a calm fire, a roaring blaze or dancing flames, you decide !!

My Airflow & Combustion technology preheats the combustion air to over 200°C and delivers it slowly and evenly over the fire, which allows you to obtain spectacular flame effects, from a roaring fire to multicoloured secondary combustion flames that dance above the logs.

The tempo of my fire will intensify or slow down at the touch of a button. The remote control is equipped with a thermostat which lets you select your desired temperature, and the stove will regulate itself automatically. Available as an option on model TQH43 is the remote control kit which allows you to adjust the size of the fire without having to even get up. The remote can also be used to set your fireplace to a desired temperature and it will adjust itself accordingly. This multi function remote control kit comes with a stylish handset with clear, digital displays and a keypad which is easy to use and program.


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