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GR2™ – Graffiti Cleaner Uncoated Surfaces – 20 Litre

My name is GR2™, I am the next generation of high performance concentrate, environmentally friendly graffiti remover for unsealed, uncoated or non-painted surfaces.

I am prefect for cleaning un-sealed natural stones such as Travertine, Marbles, Limestones, Sandstones, Basalts and Granites that have graffiti including spray paint and marker. I also removes oil stains, adhesive/asphalt residues and tree sap. GR2 will strip most paints/coatings.

I am specially formulated to provide an effective and safer alternative being a non-caustic formulation that is easily rinsed off with water.

NOTE: Use GR1 for stubborn graffiti on coated surfaces.

Haus Collective can deliver me to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Northern Rivers. In fact I can be delivered pretty much anywhere in Australia.

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