My Name is Springbrook Travertine Crazy Paving, I am an extremely popular Travertine with a mix of silvers, browns, creams and washed out beiges. I am the Travertine you see in those beautiful Tuscan and French villas offers. I offer timeless beauty no matter the style of home.

I am perfect for outdoors in courtyards, patios, around swimming pools and even driveways because of my 30mm thickness.

I am a select grade Travertine which means I am the highest quality Travertine available on the market. I am made from 30mm travertine paver, broken into pieces then tumbled to give me a beautiful rounded and softened edges.

Please do not confuse me with my cheaper friends as they simply don’t compare. I am perfect to go with:

Classic Silver Pavers

Classic Silver Tiles

Classic Silver French Pattern

Why don’t you come to Hamilton and see me in the showroom or in the crate. Haus Collective can deliver me to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Northern Rivers. In fact I can be delivered pretty much anywhere in Australia.


Please read our SUPPLY INFORMATION for this product.

Scala Travertine natural stone crazy paving

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