The Catalina Chevron Island – Marquee Developments

Designed by BDA Architecture, The Catalina Apartments on Chevron Island takes inspiration from the Art Deco movement whereby the use of primary colors, breeze block screens and geometric patterns makes it instantly recognisable within the local environment and the unrivalled central location of Chevron Island.

This stunning luxury complex with spacious apartments with stunning views and five-star resort amenity showcases our ever popular Colonial Wall Cladding. Primarily used in the reception area whereby a two story wall of cladding greets all those enters the property to the clever use of our wall cladding behind the common bar area and pool area.

We are so blessed to be a part of this project and thank Marquee in trusting us with their stone supply.


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Haus Collective Products

Colonial Stone Wall Cladding – Exterior and Fireplace


Brock Beazley

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